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Vision: Transformation to "MY GROWTH IF OTHERS GROW" from "MY GROWTH IF I GROW"

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The school has now introduced Class XI and Class XII in the curriculum.

Parents and guardians are requested to look into the Admission page in this website for announcements on admission schedule for the forth- coming academic session.

Admission form can be downloaded from our site. Click on the box indicating "DOWNLOAD FORM" and take a print after the form is displayed.


Nurturing Power: It is primarily the nurturing ability that influences a young mind to get the intended qualities instilled. An academically less sharp teacher but with greater nurturing abilities has higher potential to shape a child to self-driven motivation for higher performance levels. A teacher with both academic sharpness and nurturing abilities can be highly effective, and if, in addition, there are attributes of excellence and perseverance, she/he can do wonders.

This has been the guiding principle of the management to establish and develop the academic body. In addition to academic qualifications, the virtues of nurturing and driving desires in particular are probed into and ascertained during the process of recruitment of faculty members.

Teacher-Student Bond: In the teaching process, over and above teacher-student relationship which is the primary driving force, collaboration with parents is encouraged to create the same learning culture at home as in the school. The individuality of each student is honoured through individuation in bonding with empathy and due sincerity. The Management monitors this with due attention to accordingly guide and train the teachers further. On this platform parent-teacher joint strategy for the progress of a child is found to be more remunerative.

Teachers' Training: CBSE guidelines are followed strictly to maintain the requirements of quality teachers. As a mandatory requirement, teachers are encouraged to periodically undergo programmes to update and upgrade their knowledge base and hone their skill sets both in the areas of specialization and teaching techniques.

Facilities & Tools Integration: Good infrastructure, facilities, technological gadgets and teaching tools are the assets of a school. But it is the teaching faculty that is at the center to integrate them in the flow of the curriculum to have their values truly realized. Necessary periodic management programmes ensure such integration.

Learn by Teaching: The best way to learn is to teach. Our teachers make use of this philosophy quite effectively particularly in the higher level classes making student enablement process easier and faster.

Celebrations as Opportunities: Last but not the least, all celebrations and events are enthusiastically participated and managed by the student-teaching faculty under able guidance of the teachers. It is not only for celebration and gaining relevant knowledge but also to use them as opportunities for social integration, strengthening of bonds, betterment of mutual understanding and experiencing the benefit of togetherness for giving, sharing & collaboration in the process of grandness of learning.

We wish to empower and enable our children for a glorious nation and a grander world.

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