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Vision: Transformation to "MY GROWTH IF OTHERS GROW" from "MY GROWTH IF I GROW"

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The school has now introduced Class XI and Class XII in the curriculum.

Parents and guardians are requested to look into the Admission page in this website for announcements on admission schedule for the forth- coming academic session.

Admission form can be downloaded from our site. Click on the box indicating "DOWNLOAD FORM" and take a print after the form is displayed.


Collective consciousness level of a nation at a point in time establishes where the nation is and dynamic direction of the same influences where the nation is next going to be. On the other hand the nation's consciousness level is steered by the gross mind set and intellect levels of its current generation. Therefore, to elevate our nation to higher levels of true progression, it is imperative that the young minds of next generations are nurtured with due sagacity.

The key to this is how we enable our children not only with academic excellence or sportsman spirit or other skill sets but particularly with character building intrinsic values and powers. It is critical that such value development is completed within the formation years of a child.

Keeping such ideals in mind, Dr. Brindaban Bihari Das, Kathiababa, the nation's eminent philosopher, had founded this school in the year of 2006 to include children from all wakes of our society. It has been his idea to empower our children to dare all corners of the world. It has, hence, been an English medium school.

With focus on all-round development of its students, this school has grown to become a prominent institution for the community of Agartala, Tripura.

The school has obtained CBSE affiliation, the much required passport, for its children to venture far and wide with equal level and confidence if not more.

We wish to empower and enable our children for a glorious nation and a grander world.

Swami Dhananjoydas Kathiababa Mission School

School Address:  Patunagar,   PO: Durjoynagar, Agartala, TRIPURA (W) - 799009
City Office:  10, Jail Road,  Math Chawmuhani, Agartala, TRIPURA (W) - 799001
Phone:   0381-2315891;   e-mail: sddkms.agartala@gmail.com alt, kathiababa.agartala@gmail.com