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Vision: Transformation to "MY GROWTH IF OTHERS GROW" from "MY GROWTH IF I GROW"

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The school has now introduced Class XI and Class XII in the curriculum.

Parents and guardians are requested to look into the Admission page in this website for announcements on admission schedule for the forth- coming academic session.

Admission form can be downloaded from our site. Click on the box indicating "DOWNLOAD FORM" and take a print after the form is displayed.


Character Shaping: The ideology of the school has been to help shape the child to a responsible being who would strive for excellence by keeping others’ need first than that of the self. The founding members believe if this trait is made to be ingrained in coming generations, our societies would be role models for others. We undertake such tasks to ensure completion of major character shaping before the end of critical formation period. It is a collaborative endeavor by the teachers, students, parents and the school management.

With this central theme as its basic nature, the curriculum has been designed for all round growth of the children.

Yogic Approach: The yogic approach for body-mind shaping has been put to practice for higher capacity and creative excellence. The isolated school environment facilitates unperturbed attention and speedier development.

CBSE Syllabus and Guidelines: They are the drivers for the academics. Special emphasis is given to make it concept centric, analytical and logical. While learning lessons, for knowledge to be experiential, we work with our teaching approaches, class room facilities and make judicious use of other internal and external resources.

Extra-curricular Subjects: Academics apart, facilities with curriculum have been made available for extra-curricular subjects to expose the children for their all-round growth. It would prepare many children for the pursuit of yet un-manifested talents and to build their careers in the areas of sports, arts, music and so on.

Habit Formation & Self-assessment: We focus on the value of habit formation through persuasiveness. Our curriculum deliberation process intrinsically engages the children to form the habit of performance with accuracy and speed. Our methods support learning through collaborative participation and sharing of knowledge. For each child, to remain continuously self-aware in the process of evolution, we put them through various proven methods and techniques of self-evaluation.

Practical Skills: The school also keeps an eye on development of necessary practical skills. Communication skill and presentation ability are two key areas without which knowledge cannot be made to have effective use for greater interest of the nation. We do take task based care for such faculties to come to shape.

Yearly Schedule :
                                Academic session period      : From April to March
                                Vacation period                      : Summer vacation - from mid of April to mid of May
                                Admission period                   : From Jan to April

We wish to empower and enable our children for a glorious nation and a grander world.

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